Concrete Drilling & Cutting in Heswall, Professional and Efficient

Concrete Drilling & Cutting in HeswallFor reliable, affordable concrete drilling & cutting in Heswall, get in touch with the experts. We’re proud to be one of the leading contractors in the North West. We specialise in demolition, safe asbestos removal, civil engineering and soil stabilisation. With more than four decades’ experience, we provide excellent quality in our work. Our pricing structure is sensible. For us every client is unique. Hence, we offer them the best customer service. As a result, today most of our work comes to us via recommendations and referrals.

In most construction sites in Heswall, concrete drilling & cutting is a common activity. It requires specialist knowledge. Hence, plumbers, electricians and other construction professionals also require these skills. No matter where these activities are carried out, safety is a key requirement. Concrete is a highly durable and tough material. Drilling through it or cutting it needs high power tools. Further, it also needs a lot of experience and expertise. When done by those without experience, it can cause damage and lead to extra expenditure. It’s very important to use the right equipment.

We ensure complete safety during concrete drilling & cutting in Heswall. When drilling through a concrete wall or slab, we ensure that we use the perfect tools. Core drills have a tough diamond bit. This makes it easy to drill holes to pass wires, or water lines and pipes. However, these drills are very large and heavy. They also need a constant wash of water over them while drilling to keep the bit cool. Concrete saws are for cutting through walls and slabs. They too have a diamond-edged blade. Contact Lee Contracting for more information and a free quote. We work with both commercial and residential clients. Our team offers a range of services, including ground stabilisation, bulk excavations and more.