Soil Modification & Soil Stabilisation

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Our dynamic team provide specialist civil engineering techniquesthat are proven to beefficient, cost effectiveand an environmentally sustainable solution to improve soil performance as an alternative toaggregate importing and off-site disposal.

Both soil modification and soil stabilisation comprise adding lime, cement or other binders in-situ to improve the soil performance as an alternative to ‘dig and dump’. We undertake these proven civil engineering techniques to provide an efficient, cost effective and environmentally sustainable solution. The benefits include reduced aggregate importing and off-site disposal. Soil modification is also often used to gain rapid access to wet sites in a single operation.

By utilising our specialist machinery, we carry out the process by crushing and recycling in-situ material, modifying existing soils with binders such as lime and cement, grading, compacting and trimming as necessary. This enhances the strength and stiffness characteristics of soils making it suitable for construction and civil engineering industries. Most material types, clay through to crushed rock, are suitable for stabilisation. It is an ideal solution for the following:-