Soak Away Systems in Birkenhead Provided by a Top Team

Soak Away Systems in Birkenhead Ensure that your soak away systems in Birkenhead are constructed by a well-established and experienced company. This system is the best way to manage excess rainwater on your property.  If you live in an area that receives high rainfall, it provides a good adjunct to your rainwater management system. They are an old system that comprises a pit that can catch the excess rainwater drainage. Sometimes, they are also used to dispose of effluent from septic tanks. The soak away helps to channel the excess water away from the building very gradually. This protects the foundation and structure of the building. Furthermore, they reduce the pressure on the main drainage system.

For your project in Birkenhead, our soak away systems are strong, long lasting and affordable. further, they are low maintenance because they allow the water to drain away naturally. Traditionally, the method was to construct a hole on the property, far enough from the main building. This hole then had broken brick and construction rubble. While this was an easy solution, it does not provide enough room for water to collect. Thus, modern systems are quite different. We use eco-friendly containers and a permeable membrane to collect the water and let it seep naturally into the surrounding ground. If in conjunction with a septic tank, it may have certain features that biologically treat septic tank contents before allowing the effluent to seep into the ground.

Our top team professionally constructs soak away systems in Birkenhead. furthermore, every member has CHAS and SMAS accreditation. These qualifications indicate that we follow  best practices and maintain the highest standards in our work. We use quality materials to ensure that your system lasts for a long time. Contact Lee Contracting to know more about how soak away systems can protect your property. Most of our business comes to us via recommendations from customers who have had a great experience working with us. Call us for a free, no-obligation quote.