The Best Septic Tank Replacement in Ruabon Services for Your Project

Septic Tank Replacement in Lathom Rely on the professionals for top septic tank replacement in Ruabon for your project. It is a project that requires specialists with experience and skill to ensure the best result. A septic tank may need replacing if it has damage, old or doesn’t conform to regulations. The role of a septic tank is the settlement stage for sewerage treatment. They can only discharge their wastewater to ground. As such, a drainage field should also be a part of the installation or replacement. The installation of a replacement septic tank requires a number of steps.

The first step requires a site visit by our team. Thus, in Ruabon, a septic tank replacement begins with a site visit. Our experts will conduct a number of checks along with a drainage survey. This provides the necessary information for the correct installation of the replacement septic tank. Once all the necessary information is on hand, our experts can provide a start date for the septic tank replacement. A septic tank replacement can take roughly 5 – 10 days to complete. Hence, once the replacement process is complete, our site manager will sign off the work.

A septic tank replacement in Ruabon can ensure a sewerage system that is working correctly. For more details on how our team can assist, contact Lee Contracting right away. In addition, we can provide advice on the regular maintenance of the tank. This includes the right schedule for emptying the septic tank.  Each member of our team has CHAS and SMAS accreditation. This means that we provide the highest standards of safety and professional working practises. Furthermore, we also offer a range of other services to meet the needs of our clients. These include, among others, groundwork’s, demolition and asbestos surveys.